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Intense Training

Schaal Physical Therapy & Fitness Center offers a breadth of  targeted training to help with strength, speed, and sports conditioning. Everything from speed training to fundamentals of running, to strength coaching is offered from our physical therapists who have worked at world class athletic facilities as trainers for a variety of athletes, in addition to their extensive knowledge on targeted exercise and movements for optimal results. Schaal Physical Therapy & Fitness Center also houses one of the only Vertimax training systems in the region, used to train Olympic and professional athletes across all sports. Learn more about how Vertimax can take your training to the next level below! 



Vertimax is the world's leading athletic training equipment, and is available at Schaal's! 


Vertimax is the  only system that simultaneously loads the upper and lower-body. Vertimax is:

  • Functional training to improve speed, power, and vertical jump

  • Used by pros, collegiate, high school, and youth 

  • Developed to help athletes become more explosive in less time

  • Incorporates specific training for all sports

Athletes and clients of all levels see quick results from light-load, high-speed training that transfer to higher in-game performance. Train like the pros and be the game changer with Vertimax!

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